XY Family Tree is a fully featured, PC based, free family tree maker to display and  build your family tree. This easy to use family tree template builds by adding parents, siblings and children. Keep all your research on your PC and easily use sources and data together. Link people to sources, people to people via sources and sources to sources via people.

XY Family Tree software allows you to make multiple family trees and switch easily between them. XY Family Tree does not limit the number of spouses, children or associations. XY Family Tree can import your Gedcom files and go beyond the limits of Gedcom based programs. XY FamilyTree takes a secular view of families.

XY Family Tree enables searches through all data to find words and dates to assist your research. You can even search on similar sounding names.

XY FamilyTree can display all the types of media that your PC can handle. Photographs, movie files, sound clips and links to web resources make it easy to show your family tree and bring your family history to life. All your sources can be linked.

This free family tree software can be copied to a USB memory stick or CD. You can take it to family gatherings or send it to relatives – it will work immediately on any other modern PC.

Your genealogy research and ancestry can be safely recorded using this free genealogy program. You can share it online if you wish, you can share it as a single, complete file with other family history researchers using XYXChange, you can keep it safely private, you can export it as Gedcom.

So, if you’re wondering how do I make my family tree this is a very good place to start.

You don’t need to register to download and use this program.

  • XY Family Tree is used by thousands of people worldwide.

    XY Family Tree uses a simple, rational and secular way to make your family tree.

    Sources can be: on your PC; on the Internet; filed at your home; in a national archive; unmovable in some distant place - any or all of these. All people sharing the same source can be found as a group.